Former E.C. Glass Lacrosse Stars Playing Div. 1

Lexington - Former E.C. Glass teammates Jimbo Moore and Hunt McCarthy were on opposite sides of the lacrosse field Sunday when Army played at VMI. As you might expect, the game attracted a lot of fans from Lynchburg.

Jimbo Moore, ARMY SOPHOMORE MIDFIELD (E.C. GLASS), said "Every time I got the ball I literally could hear everyone scream my name, it's great to come back to Virginia."

Former Hilltopper Jimbo Moore is a sophomore at Army. He's played both years for the Cadets, running with the third line midfield.
Moore said "We run a lot of midfielders through, we have three that get in, three lines, so nine players that get in at midfield every game. It's a lot of players, but because we're so deep, we can use our speed, our endurance to really run teams down."
Jimbo says the change in routine from high school to West Point was the big challenge.
Moore said "Knowing how to allocate your time, when you can goof off, when you have to be serious. It's all a learning process, and by your sophomore year, you've got it down pretty well."
VMI freshman Hunt McCarthy is learning the process. He made it through rat line and surprised himself, making the team as a walk-on.
Hunt McCarthy, FRESHMAN MIDFIELD (E.C. GLASS), said "Division One, no matter where, it's gonna be tough to make so I was really happy that I made the team and that the coach decided to give me a chance."

Working now with the scout team, McCarthy says it'll be a journey and take lots of hard work to earn playing time.

McCarthy said "The game's a lot faster, it's a lot more physical. But VMI keeps you busy, so having lacrosse to it makes for a pretty hectic day but it's a lot of fun."

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