Former Dan River Inc. Building Coming Down

Danville, VA - Three Dress, one of Danville's historic old Schoolfield buildings, is being torn down.

The news came as a surprise to many in the area, who say the building means a lot to many people in Danville.

In March, Old Mississippi Brick decided their best option was to tear the building down, and they've already started.

For the first time in seven years, activity has returned to Three Dress Building. Instead of the Dan River Incorporated structure being filled with bustling employees, it's the sound of construction crews working to tear the building down.

"We've tried to sell the building now for the past 7 years and we just haven't had anyone to step up and say 'This is what we'll do,'" said Charles Pierce, the Project Manager for Old Mississippi Brick Schoolfield Buildings, LLC.

Old Mississippi Brick will remove a seventh Schoolfield building and sell some of the wood, brick, big timbers, and metal from the building, Pierce says.

Three Dress opened in 1903, as part of Dan River Incorporated. It's not the oldest or the biggest building on the property, but for some it means the most.

"Seeing yet another piece of Schoolfield heritage coming down is a bitter pill to take," said Sarah Latham, the President of the Danville Historical Society.

Latham sees the Three Dress building as an iconic part of Danville's history.

"A lot of memories going away with that," Latham said.

Something only a former employee could understand.

Pierce himself spent decades working in the building, and now he says he wants nothing more than to see the space bustling with business again.

"This site has to change with the times," Pierce said.

Construction crews will work for about six months to tear down the building.

Pierce says they haven't yet determined if they will remove the adjacent smoke stakes as well.