Former Cavs Coach Jeff Jones Recalls '95 Run

Charlottesville - The last time UVa made it this far, the Sweet 16, was 19 years ago, 1995.

Jeff Jones coached that team that included star players like current V.E.S. coach Curtis Staples and Harold Deane. The '95 Cavs made their NCAA run without standout Cory Alexander, hurt earlier in the year. Virginia upset number one seed Kansas in the round of 16, coached by a young-looking Roy Williams before falling in the Elite Eight to Arkansas.
Jeff Jones, FORMER UVA COACH (NOW AT ODU), said "Our guys I think got tired of hearing that we were some kind of underdog. I mean we were a co-champion, there was a four-way tie for the top spot in the ACC, and certainly at that time if you won the ACC, there was not a lot of people that we considered to be better than us. So beating Kansas in Kansas City was a big win."
Jones went on to say that THIS YEAR'S UVa team has great chemistry. He says he knows that because his son Jeff, a freshman on the Cavs, tells him how much he enjoys playing with such a close-knit group.