Former Brookville Star Leading L.C. Softball

Lynchburg - The Lynchburg College softball team takes a 28-and-7 record into tomorrow's doubleheader at Emory & Henry. One of the young players leading the Hornets' charge this season is sophomore pitcher and former Brookville standout Hope Johnson.

Hope Johnson, 14-2 THIS SEASON, 1.53 E.R.A., said "I'm always proud to leave dirty and sore but I still have fun doing it."
That's the kind of attitude and work ethic every coach loves! And Hope Johnson's hard work has paid off. She's 14-and-2 on the mound with a 1.53 ERA. Not bad for a player who came to L.C. not thinking she would pitch at all.
Hope Johnson said "Actually the first day of practice I e-mailed Coach and I said do you want me to come to pitching practice? And she looked at me and thought I was joking."
Dawn Simmons, HORNETS HEAD COACH, said "I knew she had a lot of potential and I knew she would help us. To this degree and this soon, maybe not."
Johnson THOUGHT she'd be a utility outfielder or infielder and pitch IF NEEDED. NEVER did she think she'd be a STARTING pitcher.
Johnson said "I love the mound now, it's kind of like my best friend now because I have to do it all the time."
Simmons said "I think she's found her home as a pitcher and hopefully at one point we'd like to see if we can get her in the lineup hitting as well."
Johnson said "My grandparents they would never miss a game. My grandfather played ball when he was young, too. My Dad, my Dad he's so proud and he won't stand still. I always know where to look and find him. But he is so crazy about this, he has pushed me to where I am today and I would not be the pitcher I am today without him."