Former Boxing Champ "Bonecrusher" Smith Visits Lynchburg

Forest - A former world heavyweight boxing champion was in Lynchburg over the weekend.

James "Bonecrusher" Smith was in town visiting friends. I caught him with him on the golf course. "Bonecrusher", with just a week to prepare, knocked out Tim Witherspoon in the first round in 1986 to win the W-B-A title. Three months later, he lost it to Mike Tyson in a 12-round decision when Tyson was, in Smith's words, a fighter and not a biter. Smith, now 60, was the first heavyweight champ to have a college degree. He's written a book titled M.A.D., Make a Decision."

James "Bonecrusher" Smith, FORMER HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING CHAMPION, said "Bonecrusher, I think, is one of the better nicknames in boxing. And you know I'm excited. But I don't crush any bones now, I just play a little golf and eat a few chicken wings."