Former Bedford Co. Supervisor Speaks About Resignation

Bedford Co., VA- The resignation of the former chairman of the Bedford County Supervisors surprised a lot of people. Earlier this week, Chuck Neudorfer stepped down after supervisors rejected his nomination for a planning commissioner.

Neudorfer was wrestling with this decision for some time. He says the board went from a place of cooperation to a place of secrets, and closed door meetings.

Looking back on his time as a the Bedford County Supervisor, Neudorfer says he longs for the board he once knew.

"It was much more open, it was much more done in the board room," said Neudorfer.

But he says that all changed when the politeness on the board turned political with the resignation of County Administrator Kathleen Guzi.

"Whatever you want to call it I will call it a coalition got together, and decided that they wanted Mrs. Guzi to resign," said Neudorfer.

All county meetings must be advertised. But Neudorfer claims board members frequently met in private to discuss issues and even canceled a meeting without his say so.

Both supervisors Annie Pollard and Roger Cheek denied Neudorfer's claims about a coalition, and they say his accusations are untrue.

"The coalition doesn't exist I hate that he feels that way. But, we've got a group of really good board members," said Cheek, a District 3 supervisor.

But when the supervisors shot down Neudorfer's nomination for a planning commissioner, he was convinced once again the so called coalition was behind it.

"But I also felt it was kind of a slap to the people in the second district, and very much a slap at a person who is a citizen of the county I wanted to nominate," said Neudorfer.

This is the fourth board or county official to resign this year. Neudorfer says he is most sorry to his constituents. He has even sent an apology letter to the local paper. Now that his seat is vacant, the board will appoint an interim supervisor until the election next year.