Former Bedford Co. Deputy Sentenced to Four Months in Jail

Campbell Co., VA - A former Bedford County investigator learned his punishment for leading police on a chase while driving drunk.

Joshua Hubbard was taken away to jail from a Campbell County courthouse Wednesday afternoon.

Hubbard will spend the next four months behind bars for the March 2011 incident. He was sentenced to a total of four years for eluding police and DUI with all but those four months suspended.

The judge told Hubbard driving 11 miles the wrong way on Route 29 was about as dangerous as you can get, especially for a law enforcement officer.

Hubbard's family left the courthouse without him.

The defense attorney told the judge that Hubbard's wife and son would lose their insurance if he loses his current job.

He's been working as a loss prevention officer at a local store since being fired from the Bedford County Sheriff's Office. He had been with the department for six years with a clean record prior to this incident. Hubbard was fired shortly after his arrest.

Hubbard is also being treated for PTSD.