Prosecutor Says Fmr. Investigator Used Informant to Buy to Drugs

Lindy Inge outside court Thursday.

Amherst Co., VA - In Amherst County, a judge has certified drug charges against a former longtime investigator with the department.

Lindy Inge had a preliminary hearing Thursday morning.

Narcotics deputies say Inge attempted to buy the prescription pain killer, Oxycontin, from a man who used to be one of his confidential informants.

At Thursday's hearing, the defense pointed out an important issue here: there were never any prescription pills to be bought. That is something that will come up, if this makes it to trial.

What we know so far is that Inge allegedly contacted the man back in June attempting to find Oxycontin. The man testified that he then contacted the sheriff's department and told investigators about the request.

They set up a sting, sending him to Inge's home wearing a wire where he says he got a check for $150.

The informant claimed he would use that money to get the pills but no controlled substances were ever exchanged.

Sources say Inge had been in severe pain after an automobile accident.

His case is now set to go to next month's grand jury.