Former Amherst Co. Football Player Charged in Stabbing, Out on Bond

Campbell Co., VA - Kyle Edwards, 18, has been charged in the stabbing of a 52 year old man in Campbell County.

Edwards is out on $10,000 bond, forced to stay at home with his father in Lynchburg.

Campbell County deputies say Edwards stabbed a man outside of his home during a party that got way out of hand.

Edwards has been charged with malicious wounding.

"There were multiple fights, there's no doubt about that, there was a lot of people fighting," said Campbell Co. Investigator Stuart Herndon.

Herndon is the case's lead investigator. He says more than 100 packed a house in Gladys for a party on July 13.

Deputies say Edwards stabbed the host when he began asking people to leave.

Witnesses say the stabbing took place outside the home. Some told investigators the man Edwards stabbed was wielding a gun.

"My client was struck and assaulted by another person," said Edwards' Defense Attorney Joseph Sanzone.

At Edwards' bond hearing, his attorney said the 18 year old with no prior criminal history was assaulted. Investigators never found a knife or weapon used in the stabbing at the scene.

"Our evidence is going to be that he was a victim and not a perpetrator of any criminal act," Sanzone said.