Forest Volunteer Fire Dept. Receives Donation

Reporter: Josh Farmer

Forest, VA - The next time the Forest Volunteer Fire Department responds to an emergency, its crews should be a little more mobile.

The firefighters received a $5,000 Wednesday afternoon from the Fireman's Fund Insurance Company and Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia.

The fire department says they will spend the money on things like light-weight hoses and connectors that allow them to split water from a single truck or hydrant to multiple hoses, and cases that will make their portable radios more durable in the tough environments they have to endure.

Fire crews say all of the purchases wouldn't be possible without the award.

"We get a certain amount of funding every year from the county; however, that's just a portion of what our operating budget is. Any time, in a volunteer organization, you can get money from anything, it's a good thing," said Deputy Chief Forest Volunteer Fire Department Todd Styles.