Forest Man's Christmas Affected by Target Hacking

Forest, VA - A Forest man says Target is not doing enough to apologize to customers whose debit and credit cards were hacked.

Hackers stole information from 40 million accounts belonging to people who shopped at Target stores between November 27 and December 15.

Bill Worrell says Target's lack of security measures is affecting Christmas for his grand daughters and all he wants is an apology.

He was trying to buy $4 worth of food at McDonalds last week, when his debit card was declined.

"That's when I got the rude awakening that somebody was having a heck of a time in southern California on my nickel," Worrell said.

Bank of America's fraud department has tied the charges to a male in Concordia, California. Among the $8,200 worth of charges: a subscription, LA Lakers tickets, and paying off a pay day loan.

Worrell has called the 1-800 number Target set up for victims, but has yet to speak to a customer service representative.

"They go through all different types of music. You've got hip hop, classics, I've heard them all, everything but bluegrass," Worrell said of the 45 minutes he spent waiting on hold.

Fed-up, he went to the Target on Wards Road to vent his frustration. All they could tell him: try the telephone hotline again, a number he calls as useless as a screen door on a submarine.

"That's what made me mad! They don't care. If I run a business like that, somebody would have been fired. But yet, somebody can steal billions of dollars from poor people and nothing's done!" Worrell added.

But what really frosts Bill Worrell's cookies is what the hackers have done to Christmas for his three granddaughters. He can't buy their presents until his temporary debit card arrives next week and that's when he and his wife plan on driving up to Ohio to deliver them.