Forest Dentists Provide Free Check-Ups to Children

Forest, VA - Forest Dental Center helped 12 kids have a bright smile for Christmas Saturday.

They provided exams free of charge, along with cleanings, and sealants if they were needed.

Lynchburg's Jubilee Center helped to find the deserving kids.

Roughly 40% of the children had never had a dental exam before.

Saturday included more than just a dental visit, the staff made Christmas cards, cookie mix jars, and a mural with the kids.

Employees say they get more out of it then the kids do.

"I saw a little boy pinching himself and I said, 'what are you doing', and he said 'I just wanted to make sure I wasn't dreaming'. So I think it meant everything in the world to these kids," said Melissa Kessler with the center.

The staff also says Saturday's pilot event was a success, and they hope to incorporate more organizations again next year.