Football Friday: Top 13 Games of the Season

The 2013 Football Friday season is loaded with some great games. The ABC 13 Football Friday staff put together our choices for the Top 13 games of the season.

1. Gretna at Brookville - August 30th (Even though coach Jeff Woody & QB Kendall BeCraft aren't at Brookville anymore, this one will still excite fans)

2. Heritage at Gretna - September 20th (See # 1 and Coach Bradley vs. Coach Saunders)

3. Altavista at Galax - September 20th (Two great Single A programs. This is a really interesting matchup)

4. Northside at Rockbridge Co. - November 8th (Division 1 talent on the field in this Blue Ridge finale)

5. Gretna at Altavista - October 4th (A developing rivalry. The Colonels knocked off the Hawks at Gretna last year)

6. Dan River at Gretna - November 1st (The Hawks obviously have a lot of big time match ups and the Wildcats have a ton of talented athletes)

7. Franklin County at Brookville - October 18th (Coach Chris Jones comes back to the Seminole. The Bees will be challenged by the Triple-A program)

8. Martinsville at William Fleming - September 6th (Nephew Orion goes up against his uncle Bobby Martin)

9. Amherst County at Northside - August 30th (This has been a good battle the past two years)

10. Heritage at E.C. Glass - October 18th (Will the matchup be enough to pack City Stadium?)

11. Harrisonburg at E.C. Glass - August 30th (Coach Chris Thurman, formerly Gretna's head coach comes back to Lynchburg and it's the opener on a Thursday night)

12. Alleghany at Rustburg - September 13th (The Red Devils' new head man Jack Baker hosts his old team)

13. E.C. Glass at G.W. Danville - September 13th (It's not what it once was but it is Glass and Danville and this once heated rivalry has tons of history)