Football Fever for Fans of Brookville and Heritage

Lynchburg, VA - It's been nothing but football fever for two local teams. Both Brookville and Heritage High Schools are in State Championship games this weekend.

The two schools, just minutes away from each other have never played for the title in the same year.

A small strip of Timberlake Road is all that separates the two schools.

And this week, the Brookville bees are buzzing and the Pioneers are praying that each of their teams can pull out a victory this weekend.

"I like Brookville, I like Heritage, and Amherst, and I usually throw Glass in there too" said James Rucker, whose grandson plays for Heritage High.

But Rucker has children who graduated from Heritage and Brookville. He loves all local success stories.

"We're extremely excited because we have that kind of talent and level this close together" he said.

Close is an understatement. It's barely two miles between the two high schools; a two minute drive.

"I see Brookeville fans, I see Heritage fans," said Timberlake Bojangles employee, Elisha Francis.

The Timberlake Bojangles is smack dab in the middle of the two schools. And the employees who serve the fans are noticing a trend lately, "They all seem extra happy so, we get it. We're all winning" said Francis.

Up and down this strip that separates the schools, fans are fired up.

"It's pretty awesome. Both teams have been on the come up for a few years now so it's kind of been expected" said one man.

"Brookville has been good pretty much every year, they've been solid. But Heritage has been pretty much the under-dog through their whole career, and this year it's like they finally stepped it up this year, and I'm just like wow" said another.

"Heritage has always had great athletes. Brookville's always been very technical and now they have a lot of athletes, so it's kind of expected to see them both in the state championship at once" said a fan.

The two teams are not playing each other. Brookville and Heritage will each face their opponents at Liberty stadium on Saturday.