Flyboarding A New Water Sport At Smith Mountain Lake

Moneta, VA - They're calling it the most exciting thing in water sports since the jet-ski. Flyboarding is a new phenomenon that flies you up in the air, propelled by water. The flyboard is made in France and has been in existence for just two years. Wet Connections at Crazy Horse Marina just purchased one and has been using it for about a month now. "The fly board is the newest equipment in water sports," said Cynthia Landrum, Co-owner of Wet Connection Boat Rentals. "You can go about thirty feet in the air and as long as you maintain your balance you can stay up there for any amount of time," explained Certified Flyboard Instructor Dalton Hodges. Hodges says since they began using the fly board in May they've done several demonstrations, and close to 10 people have tried it themselves. "You look down and you see you're 30 feet in the air and you're just suspended by water not even cables or anything, it's really different," said Hodges. The sight really gets people talking. Mike Reed has had a boat at the marina for years. He says he's never seen anything like it. "We actually rolled up on it a couple weeks ago when they were testing it and messing with it and it's something else to see, it's pretty cool," Reed said. Brenda Watson says she was first exposed to flyboarding last year while on vacation in Cozumel, Mexico. She says a group was there trying to get the word out about the new device. "It was brand new. Nobody realized, when you see a guy floating up out of the water, you didn't really understand it," Watson said. Now Watson says she can't believe the water sport is at Smith Mountain Lake. "They will love it, it's something that really draws attention, because it's something we don't have here," Watson said. "If you want to be up in the air, this is your chance to do it," Hodges said. The owner at Wet Connections say they wanted to make the sport affordable for anyone to try. Employees say at some other areas it costs $2000 rent a flyboard for 30 minutes. At Smith Mountain Lake, you can go up for 30 minutes for just $50 dollars.