FloydFest Music & Arts Festival Already Sold Out, Doors Open Thursday

Floyd, VA - FloydFest 12, called "Rise and Shine", is almost ready to open the gates to the public, and it's the first time the four-day weekend has sold out.

It's a festival that never stopped gaining momentum from day one. Now with this milestone, one of FloydFest's co-founders says there is no turning back.

After 11 years of practice, things were looking smooth Wednesday as volunteers, musicians and vendors all put in some final set-up time in anticipation of this weekend's crowd.

The sellout milestone brings the region's perennial music event into full maturity as a festival, a vacation destination and an economic windfall for the area.

For co-founder and producer, Kris Hodges, attaining this level of success was never about if it was going to happen -- always about when.

"I've never diverted from the vision and I've believed in this thing since day one," said Hodges. "We look at projections from year to year and we could tell. Seeing a 35% increase in attendance since year one. So it's never slowed and we just kind of knew that would be happening this year and we planned for it and gave all we had all year long marketing these things."

A Successful year building on successful year - constantly aiming to get better. A formula that keeps bringing vendors like Stuart Merce back.

"Awesome festival. I do many and this is the best. It's all due to management. It's all good people at the top. It filters down. It's 1969 recreated," said Merce.

That's something organizers try to spread to the customer as well.

"Delivering the goods when they actually get here. I think our audience knows that we're here for them," said Hodges.

Last year, FloydFest organizers said they wanted to keep their daily attendance to $18,000 people.

This year, when asked if that would change in the future, I was told it is possible they could increase the number of tickets sold, but they want to keep it close to the event doesn't get too crowded. Gates open Thursday morning at 9 a.m.

Find out more on the festival's website.