Flooding Washes Out Parts of Botetourt County

Botetourt Co., VA - Buchanan sits and waits as the James River continues to rise. With rain still in the forecast, things are not looking good for folks in Botetourt County.

Roads remain washed out; entire parts of Buchanan were under water.

The fury of fast flowing water, slowed cars to a crawl throughout Botetourt County Tuesday, "Right in that curve up there, it's a couple feet deep; there's going to be accidents if there's not signs or something up" said one driver.

VDOT crews worked to clear a mudslide that blocked one road. 10 roads in total, across the county, were either underwater or obstructed by flooding.

At a Buchanan town park, the James River breached its banks.

"We're used to walking around out there, and now it's all under water. So it's pretty breathtaking. It's amazing what the force of water can do" said one Buchanan resident.

Four foot tall picnic tables barely peeked out from the rushing water. People come and take pictures, shocked as the water level continued to rise.

When asked the last time he remembers seeing the park under that much water, Buchanan Fire Chief, John Manspile replied, "Probably about three or four years ago."

Manspile says his town is prone to flooding. His crews were out responding to clean up calls all day. He said they'd continue until the waters recede.

"More heavy rain tonight, and with the river coming up the way it is, and with the major roads, some of them like Route 43 are blocked" said Manspile.

Route 43, a major thoroughfare, became a major water way.

Manspile issued a warning for drivers, "If the water looks very deep at all, don't even try to go through it. It's not worth the risk" he said.

Buchanan is anticipating more rain Tuesday night and Wednesday. Depending on how much they receive, officials are considering evacuating homes within a few blocks of the river.