Flooding in Pittsylvania County Causes Road Closures

Pittsylvania Co., VA -- Several roads in Pittsylvania County have been closed due to flash flooding in the last couple of days. It has led to dangerous driving conditions.

According to VDOT representatives, dozens of roads have seen closures. As of 4 p.m. Wednesday, only a dozen roads across the district are still closed, but they say that number is changing with the movement of water.

"We were just coming down here to look at the river. Get in the water and play a little bit," said James Vanderhyde, who was enjoying the flooding.

Dairy View Road in Chatham looked more like a river than a road. So even at 29-year-old Vanderhyde took advantage of the high water.

"It hadn't been like this in a couple of years. But if you get a big rain it will flood," said Vanderhyde.

But VDOT representative Paula Jones says this downpour hasn't really been too bad.

"This has not been a bad storm. The fact that we have had a lower water table as it's been the ground was ready to accept a lot of this rain," said Jones.

VDOT crews have spent hours working on the roads. Some cleaned out ditches to avoid future flooding while others put out signs to prevent cars from getting trapped.

"Drivers need to slow down. They need to know what the conditions are. If at all possible, find out what the conditions are before you leave home," said Jones.

Jones suggests never driving into a flooded street since only a few inches can carry a car away.

"Roads are opening and closing all the time. Some roads the rain comes through and it may be they are only closed for a few minutes. It's just a matter of watching," said Jones.

In Danville, the Dan River may look like a threat, but Emergency Communications representatives say not to worry. As of 4 p.m., the river still had 5 feet to go before flooding would become a problem.

As for VDOT, they say now they are looking to the next forecast.

"We're ready. Just preparing to deal with whatever snow comes our way," said Jones.

VDOT says each road varies as to how long it takes to open back up. And after the snow, there could be even more flooding, when it melts.