Flooding Hits Parts of Campbell Co. Hard

Campbell Co, VA - Tuesday's storms have left a lot of places underwater, from Buchanan to Bedford. In Altavista alone, there was lots of flooding that resulted in some road detours.

The high water may have been a headache for some, but others say they're used to it. Heavy rain turned Levar Grave's Altavista home into an island.

"Tuesday morning around 10 o'clock it was just running," Graves said.

The water was so high he couldn't leave his home.

"It's crazy for real because I can't even take my trash can back around right now," said Graves. "My front yard looks like two swimming pools right now. You can throw on some swimming trunks on and have some fun. "

Just down the street, waters flooded part of Pittsylvania Avenue, leaving it a muddy mess.

"The creek just washed our stuff out into the road," explained Richard Beaton with Laurelton Gardens.

The strong waters picked up roughly 50 plants from a nearby garden shop and carried them out to the middle of the street.

"They were all out in the road in the mud," Beaton said.

Beaton and a fellow employee went into rescue mode trying to salvage what was left.

Unfortunately, some saw Beaton's business disaster as a good time to loot.

"I had to keep somebody from taking one. When I first got here someone was trying to throw one in their car," Beaton said.

Beaton's keeping a positive attitude. This type of thing has happened before. He only wishes the rains would have held off for one more week.

"It couldn't have happened on a worse week than this because it's Mothers Day week. In the garden business it's the biggest week in the year for us," Beaton said.

Graves says his yard gets flooded like this frequently, too.