Flood Waters Become an Issue in Halifax County

Halifax Co., VA - Flooding in Halifax County has made some roads impassable.

The Riverdale section of South Boston saw water as high as the street signs.

That area is prone to flooding in heavy rain, and after this week's wet weather, locals are glad the flooding wasn't much worse.

Luckily, no homes or businesses have been damaged, but the town is trying to make sure that people stay away from those areas of high water in order to prevent danger to themselves or their vehicles.

David Broxton works and lives near Riverdale. He says he's seen the area flooded much worse - notably during a heavy raining period in 2003.
Broxton says maybe we should be careful what we wish for.
"Everybody said we needed rain. It looks like we got it now, " said Broxton.
As the water in the Dan River rose to 24 feet earlier this week, so did concern for local homes and businesses.
"Normally it will not affect the businesses in the Riverdale section of 501 until the water gets up to around twenty-five and a half feet, " said South Boston Fire Chief Steven T. Phillips.
Phillips says the town uses a gauge on the Dan River bridge to determine if water levels are becoming a threat.
The water did not get high enough this time to cause problems for businesses, but it still left the intersection of Summit Drive and Railroad Avenue submerged.
"The water at that intersection basically closes that intersection, but we have full access from two other areas into that location, " said Phillips.
A local landmark at the Prizery took a hit as well. The Crossing of the Dan exhibit next to the Dan River is completely covered.
"We got all that rain since Tuesday and it creates a lot of problems, especially for this area, " Broxton said.
Some reports have said the water is expected to crest on Saturday, but Chief Phillips says the water should be receding by Sunday.
Until then, it is best to find an alternate route to avoid these low-lying areas.