Flies Invade Pittsylvania Co. Jail for the Second Time This Year

Pittsylvania Co., VA- The Pittsylvania County Jail is dealing with an infestation of flies - again.

After getting rid of thousands of humpback flies that led to the kitchen being shutdown in June, the Sheriff says he hopes to end the problem once and for all.

The Sheriff says he is doing all he can to protect the health and safety of inmates and staff.

It's the second time around for Sheriff Mike Taylor, who says small flies have taken over the first floor of the county jail again.

"We really thought we had a fix on it, and about three weeks back, we had a resurgence of these flies to come back into the jail," said Sheriff Taylor.

In May, exterminators treated the building for humpback flies. The infestation led to a kitchen shutdown, with inmates temporarily relying on meals from McDonald's.

Damaged drain pipes throughout the facility were replaced to try to keep the flies from coming in, but they're still finding a way.

"Our concern was of course, where are they coming from and how can we stop them?" Taylor said.

The maintenance team suggested building a concrete apron around the facility to drain water away from the jail that has been leaking in and possibly luring the flies.

The Sheriff asked Supervisors for financial support, stressing the urgency of the matter for his employees who work on the mostly administrative floor that is being affected.

Taylor even reached out to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, to make sure the insecticides being used throughout the building are safe for long term use. He hopes the plan currently in motion will be a permanent solution.

"Hopefully that will remedy the problem," Taylor said.

The Sheriff says they have not had to shut down the kitchen this time around, and the problem is starting to improve.

The Board of Supervisors

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