Flames Try to Bounce Back from Coastal Loss

Lynchburg - The Liberty Flames had their three-game winning streak snapped Saturday at Coastal Carolina. They'll try and get back on track Saturday at home against Charleston Southern.

Senior Pat Kelly caught a school-record 16 passes at Coastal, including the Flames' only touchdown in the fourth quarter. By then, though, Coastal led 29-6. Coach Turner Gill says the Flames have got to run the ball better and start playing well right out of the gate.
Turner Gill, LIBERTY FLAMES HEAD COACH, said "I think playing early, particularly on the offense and special teams and getting off to a good start and continue to go there. We've played fairly well in the second and third quarter, but that first quarter we've been a little bit more inconsistent."
Pat Kelly, SCHOOL-RECORD 16 CATCHES SATURDAY, said "It's always good to get back on the field after a loss, kinda get back out there and I guess take your frustration out or get out there and make some plays. So Saturday will be good for us really from an all-around standpoint."
Josh Woodrum, FLAMES R-FRESHMAN QUARTERBACK, said "We're really keeping our heads up and trying not to get down too hard on ourselves because one game doesn't really cost us the season so far. So you know if we win out, we'll hopefully get to where we wanted to be at the beginning of the season."
Coach Gill added if the injury-riddled Flames lose another guard or center on the offensive line, former L.C.A. star Grant Jones will play on a rotating basis. The Flames had hoped to redshirt Jones this season, but he may wind up playing if the injuries continue.

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