Fresh Off Debate, Romney and Ryan Campaign in Fishersville

Update: 11:47 p.m.

Fresh from his strong debate performance, Mitt Romney joined Paul Ryan in battleground Virginia speaking at a huge rally in Fishersville Thursday night. This was the first time the potential presidential pair were campaigning together in Virginia since Romney announced Ryan would be his running mate back in August.

A who's who of Virginia Republicans was the opening act of the night. Bob Goodlatte, Susan Allen, and Bill Bolling were there in support of Romney and Ryan.

"It's my honor to announce the NRA's endorsement of Mitt Romney for President and Vice President of the United States," said NRA Executive Director Chris Cox. Vice Presidential hopeful, Paul Ryan who took a break from his own debate preparations, joined his running mate.

"Thank you Fishersville, thank you Virginia. Thank you for making Mitt Romney the next President of the United States of America,"said Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan.


"That was one heck of a Virginia welcome, Thank you Virginia,"said Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney. Romney's crowd of supporters were fired up over his impressive first debate performance.

"I asked, why is it that the middle class is still buried in this country? Why is it we have 23 million people out of work? Why is it half our kids coming out of college can't find good jobs?" said Romney.

He wrapped up his show, with an attack on the President.

"He has the same policies for the next four years that he had over the last four years. He said go forward. I call it for-warned, alright?" said Romney.

And finally Romney, went out, with a bang as fireworks filled the sky. "Thank you so much. Great to be with you, thank you!"said Romney.

Romney will stay in Virginia as he will make a campaign stop in Abingdon Friday morning.

Then on Monday he will be back in Virginia at V.M.I. in Lexington to give a speech on foreign policy.


Fishersville, VA - Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan were in Fishersville Thursday evening.

Both are expected to speak at 6:45 p.m. to get your voice, your vote.

The one question on everyone's mind is why Fishersville.

It's centrally located.

Right in the middle of the state, near the intersections of Interstate 81 and Interstate 64, close to Harrisonburg and Charlottesville.

And the grounds here at the Augusta Expoland are enormous.

Campaign officials are expecting upwards of 15,000 people.

And the crowd is coming from all over Virginia, and the eastern seaboard.

The campaign put up a map of Virginia and surrounding states in the expoland building, asking visitors to place a pin on the town they're from.

There are people here from as far as New Jersey, Ohio, and West Virginia.

The crowd is really fired up too, following a really strong first debate last night between the President and Governor Romney Wednesday night.

We also learned that Governor Romney will speak at VMI on Monday.

Coming up tonight on 13 News at 11, James Gherardi will have a full report on Romney's remarks.