Fishermen Say Rainy Weather Kept People Off the James Wednesday

Lynchburg, VA - With Wednesday's train derailing in a popular fishing spot, some are calling it a miracle there were no casualties. Damous Moss and his band mates go down to the river to fish like so many other fishing enthusiasts in the area. However he says the rainy weather we've been having may have saved people from being hurt or killed. The recent storms and high river level meant fewer people going down to the section of the James River to fish. Moss says had it been a sunny day, there could have been more than a dozen people in the same spot the train derailed. He's glad that wasn't the case. "It was bad but it could've been worse. If it was propane or gas and the river was down, then the fuel probably would have stayed around a lot longer," Moss said. There is no word yet on how this could affect the fish in that area. Moss says it will be at least a few weeks before he and his friends are ready to cast their lines in the James again.