Fisher and Wirt Tied for 2nd at VSGA Four-Ball

From VSGA:BRISTOL -- Western Virginians Brandon LaCroix (Roanoke) and Matt Chandler (Hardy) shot a scintillating opening day score of 10-under-par 61 and own a three-stroke lead over two other teams entering Saturday's final round of the 49th Virginia State Golf Association Four-Ball Championship being conducted at The Virginian Golf Club.LaCroix and Chandler's next-nearest pursuers are the tandems of northern Virginian Scott Shingler (Haymarket)-Justin Young (Roanoke), as well as Lee Fisher (Lynchburg)-Barry Wirt Jr. (Roanoke), who each opened with 7-under 64. Defending champions and Charlottesville-area golfers Vincent Nadeau and Brad Ferguson, both of Gordonsville, had 65. A group of five other teams are five strokes back at 5-under 66. Altogether on the first day, there were 21 rounds in the 60s and 25 subpar rounds among the 48 teams competing in the event. Having played in some four-ball events in recent years, LaCroix and Chandler, both VSGA members at Hunting Hills Country Club in Roanoke, complemented each other well. Their first-round best 6-under 30 on the inward half helped them grab the lead. Chandler got things going with a tap-in birdie at No. 10 before LaCroix added birdies from close range at Nos. 12 and 14. After Chandler knocked in a 12-footer at No. 15, LaCroix holed the tandem's longest putt of the day, a 35-footer at the par-4 17th. Chandler finished the spectacular round off with a two-putt birdie at the par-5 finishing hole.The two are such good friends that Chandler will be in LaCroix's wedding later this month. "I'm getting married in two weeks and Matt is one of my best men," LaCroix said.On the course, Chandler knows what makes them a formidable team."I think we feel comfortable around each other. It's just a relaxation thing," he said. "I think we play freenot up tight at all and just let it go. We have confidence in each other."Their strategy entering the final round?"Put on the pedalthat's always my mindset," said Chandler, the 2012 VSGA Mid-Amateur champion.Added LaCroix: "We're just not going to pay attention. If I make a bogey, I know he's not going to be too upset and if he makes a mistake, he knows I won't be upset. It's a comfort thing."Shingler won the Four-Ball title in 2012 with Martinsville's Keith Decker. He was partnering with Young for the first time, but they found an instant fit. They birdied five of the final seven holesall inside 15 feet to stay in touch with the lead."We had a clean card (no bogeys) and that certainly helped," said Shingler, who won the 2011 VSGA Amateur Championship at The Virginian. "We're right where we need to be. We certainly complemented each other well today and have to keep it going [Saturday]."Fisher-Wirt also logged 31 on the second nine. Other than Fisher's 15-footer at No. 10, all of their birdies on the second ninefour in a six-hole span from Nos. 12-17came from inside 10 feet."We hit it well on the front nine. We just didn't make anything. Then, we got a nice little roll going," Wirt said. "Hopefully, we can get hot early [in the final round]. Nadeau and Ferguson combined to collect four consecutive birdies from Nos. 7-10 and added two more the rest of the way in their bid to become the event's first repeat champions since Decker and Ryan Stinnett won back-to-back titles in 2006-07. Among the group at five under are three of the most veteran competitors in the field. At 63, Virginian member Charles Green is the oldest player and teamed with 55-year-old Allen Barber, the third-oldest player. Williamsburg's Dave Pulk, the second oldest at 57, partnered with mid-amateur and fellow Two Rivers Country Club member Nathan Dean.Also at 66 are the tandem of Mark Lawrence and his son, Mark Jr., as well as Buck Brittain (Tazewell)-Jon Hurst (Fredericksburg) and the brother-brother duo of Jay Serrao III (Virginia Beach) and Steve Serrao (Midlothian). BRISTOL -- Results following the first round of the 49th VSGA Four-Ball Championship at The Virginian Golf Club (6,997 yards, par 35-3671) on Friday, May 9.Brandon LaCroix (Roanoke)-Matt Chandler (Hardy), 31-3061Scott Shingler (Haymarket)-Justin Young (Roanoke), 33-3164Lee Fisher (Lynchburg)-Barry Wirt Jr. (Roanoke), 33-3164Vincent Nadeau (Gordonsville)-Brad Ferguson (Gordonsville), 31-3465Allen Barber (Yorktown)-Charles Green (Tazewell), 33-3366Dave Pulk (Williamsburg)-Nathan Dean (Williamsburg), 31-3566Mark Lawrence (Richmond)-Mark Lawrence Jr. (Richmond), 34-3266Buck Brittain (Tazewell)-Jon Hurst (Fredericksburg), 33-3366Jay Serrao III (Virginia Beach)-Steve Serrao (Midlothian), 32-3466Russ Fricke (Haymarket)-Thomas Fricke (Haymarket), 32-3567Jimmy Delp (Arlington)-Ben Keefer (Glen Allen), 35-3267Al Bello (Stafford)-Dave Walczak (Fredericksburg), 33-3568Chris Clemens (Salem)-Robbie Craft (Roanoke), 32-3668Chase Bailey (Roanoke)-Trevor Turner (Salem), 35-3368Jim Pates (Ashburn)-Kenneth Van Wyck (Sterling), 35-3368Brandon Burns (Reston)-Francesco Romano (Reston), 33-3568Jim Nirich (Catlett)-Dan Hosek (Alexandria), 34-3468Rich Jeremiah (Midlothian)-Todd Hoyle (Midlothian), 35-3368Scott Davidson (Round Hill)-Andre Vanderpost (Round Hill), 33-3568Kyle Bailey (Fincastle)-Marshall Bailey (Fincastle), 35-3469Dustin Hussey (Martinsville)-Brandon Grogan (Martinsville), 34-3569Matthew Brittain (Ashburn)-Alex Gibson (Abingdon), 35-3469Joe Cavucci (Alexandria)-Ryan Stuart (Arlington), 35-3570Steve Castro (Chantilly)-Craig Sabo (Alexandria), 35-3570Kenton Quick (Washington, D.C.)-Matt Bravo (Washington, D.C.), 36-3470Chris Snow (Richmond)-Peyton Lawson (Richmond), 33-3871Tim Krouse (Dunn Loring)-Steve Moseley (Arlington), 35-3671Erik Ervin (Floyd)-Tanner Bateman (Blacksburg), 35-3671David Schmidt (Wytheville)-Aaron Rygas (Dublin), 36-3571Hunter Russell (Lynchburg)-Eric Davenport (Forest), 36-3571Adam Houck (Richmond)-Ryan Taylor (Glen Allen), 37-3471Alex Perretz (Richmond)-Scott Creamer (Richmond), 36-3672Phillip Lamb (Arlington)-Lloyd Stephenson (Springfield), 36-3672Ben Campbell (Cleveland)-Luke Kinder (Tazewell), 38-3472Joshua Curtas (Lynchburg)-Mark Curtas (Locust Grove), 37-3572Doug Henson (Roanoke)-Sam Taylor (Roanoke), 36-3672Danny Yates (Marshall)-Dean Griffith (Front Royal), 37-3673Richie Jeter (Roanoke)-Jed Rasnick (Roanoke), 36-3773Brian Stanley (Forest)-Matthew Stanley (Forest), 36-3773Trey Wilburn (Abingdon)-Gary Arnold, 35-3873Barry Valentine (Leesburg)-Chris Laughlin (Ashburn), 38-3573Greg Arbacas (Annapolis)-Mike Bieler (Reston), 35-3974Casey Russell (Fredericksburg)-Jay Spitler (Fredericksburg), 36-3874Alex Titus (Annandale)-Christopher Drost (Charlottesville), 37-3875Brandon McKibben (Salem)-Drew Forte (Winchester), 38-3775Jeff Weiss (Winchester)-Tag Corrigan (Winchester), 40-3575Tyler Presley (Abingdon)-Caleb Roark (Abingdon), 36-3975Joey Watson (Bristol)-Matt Tiller (Bluefield), 39-3776BRISTOL -- Groupings and starting times for the final round of the 49th VSGA Four-Ball Championship at The Virginian Golf Club (6,997 yards, par 35-3671) on Saturday, May 10.Saturday (May 10), hole No. 19 a.m. - Joe Cavucci (Alexandria)-Ryan Stuart (Arlington); Steve Castro (Chantilly)-Craig Sabo (Alexandria)9:10 a.m. - Dustin Hussey (Martinsville)-Brandon Grogan (Martinsville); Matthew Brittain (Ashburn)-Alex Gibson (Abingdon)9:20 a.m. - Scott Davidson (Round Hill)-Andre Vanderpost (Round Hill); Kyle Bailey (Fincastle)-Marshall Bailey (Fincastle)9:30 a.m. - Jim Nirich (Catlett)-Dan Hosek (Alexandria); Rich Jeremiah (Midlothian)-Todd Hoyle (Midlothian)9:40 a.m. - Chase Bailey (Roanoke)-Trevor Turner (Salem); Brandon Burns (Reston)-Francesco Romano (Reston)9:50 a.m. - Chris Clemens (Salem)-Robbie Craft (Roanoke); Jim Pates (Ashburn)-Kenneth Van Wyck (Sterling)10 a.m. - Jimmy Delp (Arlington)-Ben Keefer (Glen Allen); Al Bello (Stafford)-Dave Walczak (Fredericksburg)10:10 a.m. - Jay Serrao III (Virginia Beach)-Steve Serrao (Midlothian); Russ Fricke (Haymarket)-Thomas Fricke (Haymarket)10:20 a.m. - Mark Lawrence Jr. (Richmond)-Mark Lawrence (Richmond); Buck Brittain (Tazewell)-Jon Hurst (Fredericksburg)10:30 a.m. - Allen Barber (Yorktown)-Charles Green (Tazewell); Dave Pulk (Williamsburg)-Nathan Dean (Williamsburg)10:40 a.m. - Lee Fisher (Lynchburg)-Barry Wirt Jr. (Roanoke); Vincent Nadeau (Gordonsville)-Brad Ferguson (Gordonsville)10:50 a.m. - Brandon LaCroix (Roanoke)-Matt Chandler (Hardy); Scott Shingler (Haymarket)-Justin Young (Roanoke)Saturday (May 10), hole No. 109 a.m. - Kenton Quick (Washington, D.C.)-Matt Bravo (Washington, D.C.); Tim Krouse (Dunn Loring)-Steve Moseley (Arlington)9:10 a.m. - Chris Snow (Richmond)-Peyton Lawson (Richmond); Hunter Russell (Lynchburg)-Eric Davenport (Forest)9:20 a.m. - David Schmidt (Wytheville)-Aaron Rygas (Dublin); Adam Houck (Richmond)-Ryan Taylor (Glen Allen)9:30 a.m. - Alex Perretz (Richmond)-Scott Creamer (Richmond); Phillip Lamb (Arlington)-Lloyd Stephenson (Springfield)9:40 a.m. - Ben Campbell (Cleveland)-Luke Kinder (Tazewell); Joshua Curtas (Lynchburg)-Mark Curtas (Locust Grove)9:50 a.m. - Doug Henson (Roanoke)-Sam Taylor (Roanoke); Richie Jeter (Roanoke)-Jed Rasnick (Roanoke)10 a.m. - Brian Stanley (Forest)-Matthew Stanley (Forest); Trey Wilburn (Abingdon)-Gary Arnold10:10 a.m. - Barry Valentine (Leesburg)-Chris Laughlin (Ashburn); Danny Yates (Marshall)-Dean Griffith (Front Royal)10:20 a.m. - Greg Arbacas (Annapolis)-Mike Bieler (Reston); Casey Russell (Fredericksburg)-Jay Spitler (Fredericksburg)10:30 a.m. - Alex Titus (Annandale)-Christopher Drost (Charlottesville); Erik Ervin (Floyd)-Tanner Bateman (Blacksburg)10:40 a.m. - Brandon McKibben (Salem)-Drew Forte (Winchester); Jeff Weiss (Winchester)-Tag Corrigan (Winchester)10:50 a.m. - Tyler Presley (Abingdon)-Caleb Roark (Abingdon); Joey Watson (Bristol)-Matt Tiller (Bluefield)