Fiscal Cliff Protest Forms in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - The fight over the fiscal cliff isn't limited to inside Washington.

A group of protestors gathered in Lynchburg Monday, outside of Congressman Bob Goodlatte's office.

Nearly 20 people held signs with various requests for the Congressman.

The group referred to themselves as concerned citizens of Lynchburg and claimed no affiliation to any political party or organization, though most were Democrats.

They also had a petition they presented to the congressman's staff, asking him to take specific measures to avoid the cliff. One of them to allow tax cuts for the wealthy to expire.

"As they did back in the Clinton era, we did very well with balanced budgets back then, and they did well too. And we can do it again if we go back to that" said protestor, Phillip Stump.

In response to that protest, Congressman Goodlatte said he feels raising tax rates is a bad idea.