First-Time Voter Turns 18 on Election Day

Bedford, VA- Casting your vote, especially in a tight election like this, can be very memorable. For one Staunton River High School student, it will be a day she'll never forget.

Hannah Phillips will vote for the first time on Tuesday. And it just so happens, she'll turn 18 on election day as well. Which means she barely made the deadline. To vote in a general election you have to turn 18 before or on the election date.

Phillips says she realized the days coincided in September, when she was planning events for her birthday.

"Well I was thinking about planning my birthday party, like what I was going to do. And I was like, well, my birthday's on election day this year. I always hope it's on the weekends so we can do something on my birthday, but it ended up landing on election day," said Phillips.

Although Hannah may be a first-time voter, she's no stranger to politics. She's been following the race closely and has done her homework on the candidates.

"I looked at you know, what I believe in and what the candidates believe in and how that matches up, and what I think is going to be beneficial for me in the future. Because, a lot of people are looking at the now, and what's going to happen later is completely different," she said.

We asked Hannah if she had any special plans for her birthday and she said no, not really. Instead of a birthday party, she said she'll probably volunteer to work the polls.