Three Campbell County High Schools Rank for First Time

Campbell Co., VA - Campbell County High School students are some of the brightest and most competitive in the nation. For the first time ever, three of the four high schools in the district were named as "America's Most Challenging" by The Washington Post.

The data is computed using a very simple equation. It is based on the number of AP tests given divided by the actual number of graduates in June. Campbell County made the list based on data from last academic school year.

"The teachers have worked extremely hard being trained to teach at higher levels of rigor," said Rustburg High School Principal Clayton Stanley.

Rustburg High School ranked second highest in Campbell County, earning the number 75 spot in the state. It is something Stanley calls a team effort.

"We're just as pleased as we can be, we certainly are proud of our students and our teachers for all the hard work that they've put in achieving this accomplishment," said Stanley.

A couple of years back, the district realized students were not being exposed to enough AP classes. So through the help of a grant, they ramped up the number of courses offered.

"Last year we had 287 students take an AP test and compared to two years ago when we had 56, I mean that's just a huge accomplishment," said Stanley.

About 1,900 schools in America were recognized this year.

"To give you an idea, there are about 22 or 23,000 high schools," said Mark Miear, Director of Secondary Education for Campbell County Schools.

So about 9% of public schools in the nation made the grade.


"There are about 331 high schools in Virginia, and only about 100 were recognized and we have three of those 100," said Miear.

Brookville and Altavista High Schools also made the cut. William Campbell did not.

"It was only, actually just a few exams away from making the list, so they were close as well," said Miear.

Miear says its the smallest high school in the district and it is more difficult to have the same course load offerings.

Lynchburg Schools have made the grade many times and E.C. Glass and Heritage high schools are back on the list. Bedford's Jefferson Forest is too.

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