First Look Inside New YMCA Facility

Danville, V A -- ABC 13 crews got a first look inside a much anticipated new building in Danville. The new YMCA facility is the first building that has been constructed in Danville facing the Dan River, in over a century.

Danville's new YMCA building is being as described as so much bigger and better than their nearly 6 decade old facility. But it's also bringing so much more value to the city.

Inside, you expect to see brand new, state of the art pieces of equipment but this $15 million building also has a lot of unique features.

"A lot of people have put a lot of hard work in, a lot of generosity. Everybody here at the Y just wants this to be perfect for the community," says Dustin Whittle, Membership and Marketing Director.

When you first walk in, you see a space that Danville Regional Medical Center will use. Here they'll work with physical therapy patients, something the old building couldn't provide. The adjoining pool has a ramp and a whole lot of technology.

"There are pads in the pool so when we host swimming events, our scoreboard up here will automatically register their times," says Whittle.

One really cool feature is this basketball court splits into two and you can overlook it while you are running on the indoor track, again, something hard to find in this area. If you prefer to run outside, this is the only gym in town that has access to the river walk.

"We are going to have running clubs on the trail. We are going to use the river walk trail to our benefit," says Whittle.

The new Y sits inside the River District, which many hope will be a big attraction to the city.

"It's a great way of bringing people into the River District if they are coming here to visit," says Corrie Teague, Economic Development Project Manager.

"Anytime you want to bring business into a community, they obviously do their research. One major component of that research is health in the area," says Whittle.

They will be opening the building in September and taking in new members on September 13th.

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