Fireworks Go On as Planned for Lynchburg's Friday Cheers

Lynchburg, VA - From heartbroken to heart stoppingly beautiful, fireworks went on as planned at Lynchburg's Friday Cheers.

It's a story we've been following for you that culminated Friday in a bright, booming sky. Because of some quick thinking and an enormous amount of generosity the show went off without a hitch.

Everyone at Friday Cheers was so glad fireworks were a part of this Fourth of July celebration.

After all, what would Friday Cheers following the Fourth be without fireworks?

"It's a tradition. Fourth of July, fireworks, they go together; Apple pie, Chevrolet" said one spectator.

It's an American tradition that paid off big time for Friday Cheers. Organizers say Friday's crowd may make a record turnout for the event.

And vendors are cashing in.

Stuart Abitt's BBQ Company did ok, "We sold almost ten sandwiches before we even opened. So that's saying a lot for the crowd out here tonight" he said.

And Abitt knows exactly why the Cheer's Crowd crowded in to Riverfront park, "The fireworks like I said definitely draw a big crowd and I think having that going on tonight is definitely going to be a big factor in us selling out" he said.

"We thought we had a sponsor lined up for the fireworks and it fell through" said Anna Bentson, the Executive Director of Lynch's Landing.

Friday's fireworks almost didn't happen. When a sponsor dropped out of funding them, Billy Craft Auto Group stepped in, and donated $7,000 to make sure the show would go on.

"I think they realized that the community really wanted this. There haven't been fireworks downtown since at least 2007" said Bentson.

But now they're back. The spark's been lit, and this show some hope, will be here to stay.

"I like probably the part where they all blew up together" said one kid who watched the fireworks.

More than 400 fireworks went into Friday's show. Everyone we spoke with is really hoping this becomes a downtown Lynchburg tradition.