Firefighters Save Teen From Burning Lynchburg Home

Lynchburg, VA - A teenager is alive thanks to a few firefighters that saved him from the flames at the Edgar Street duplex early Tuesday morning.

"When we opened the door, there was fire from the floor to the ceiling," said Steve Ripley, Master Firefighter with the Lynchburg Fire Department.

Fire officials call it their Super Bowl. Lynchburg Firefighters against 605.

"You have 2-3 minutes from the time the call goes out to figure out what you're going to do, how you're going to do it when you get there and you have about 30 seconds to put it in play," said Ripley.

Quick thinking is the reason a 15-year-old boy is still alive.

"He was an extremely lucky man to be talking to us today," said Ripley.

"His bedroom was here in the front window," said Firefighter Nick Thomas pointing to the house.

Thomas found the teen.

"I think he was just as much in shock as I was to find him. He woke up and didn't know what was going on," said Thomas.

Thomas was able to get him out safe and sound but it was a close call.

"Lucky that the fire didn't travel all the way down through the attic. If it wasn't' but 10, 15 feet, it would have been in his room," said Ripley.

Crews took the teenager to the hospital for smoke inhalation and he has been released. These guys are so happy that is the case, but they say do not call them heroes.

"Glad he's okay. There's nothing any different or special about me, anybody that's got a passion for this job would have done the same thing. The opportunity presented itself and we were in the right place at the right time to help him out," said Thomas.


"We won the day. We won the day," said Ripley.

The Red Cross was unable to put us in touch with the victims, but fire officials say everyone is doing okay. Officials confirmed that the fire was accidental, saying it had something to do with the dryer on the side of the complex that burned.