Firefighters Go To New Heights To Train For Emergencies in Danville

Danville, VA - Firefighters from all over Virginia went to new heights to train for emergency situations Wednesday. They went through a Rope Technical Training class in Danville taking a rope across two cliffs practicing rescuing. It's all part of a three day course that includes classroom and practical training.They call the equipment the horizontal high line. While it looks more like a zip line than work but they say during an emergency, knowing how to use this could save lives. Battalion Chief Mike Jefferson says this is the first time they've held the course here in Danville. They have rescue teams from all over including Lynchburg, Norfolk, Martinsville and more. If there was an emergency such as flood waters trapping someone that you couldn't reach by boat, for example, they would establish a line on either side. Then they would send a firefighter over to get them and secure the victim in a basket. That way they are not putting their crew in harm's way to save someone. Jefferson says the training isn't easy but they are learning a lot."We have a 27 member team and with this class we are putting on is up there with the highest level we could be," said Jefferson.After this week, 20 Danville firefighters out of that team of 27 will be trained. They hope to host this again next year to make sure all of Danville's rescue team is about to take the course.