Fire Safety Warning as Colder Weather Moves In

Lynchburg, VA - Colder weather means you are plugging in your space heater.

The Battalion Chief of the Lynchburg Fire Department says you really need to be careful with those.

Greg Wormser says heating devices cause half of the house fires in the country, and wants everyone to be extra careful using them.

"The main thing we want people to remember is make sure you keep your space heater 3-feet away from anything combustible, so away from sofas, clothes, away from chairs, furniture, anything that can burn," said Wormser.

Wormser says a space heater is like a candle.

When you leave the room, turn it off.

There's also an app called FireSafe Family Virginia to help you and your family prepare.

This is a free app from the Virginia Department of Fire Programs that can help lower your chances of having a house fire.

Here's what it offers:

You can create a fully customizable safety plan

Custom home mapping for planning emergency exits

A safety meter that shows your current level of readiness

Information on preventing fires

Games to help you and your kids brush up on safety

And you can share all your plans with your whole family