Fire Officials: Vehicle Fires Are More Common Than You Think

Lynchburg, VA - Vehicle fires have been making the headlines a lot lately. Which raises the question, would you know what to do if you were in one?

Lynchburg fire officials are speaking out on how to save yourself if your car goes up in flames.

It's a scary scenario that happens way more often than you may think. There were three Lynchburg vehicle fires in just two days.

On Tuesday, a sedan burst into flames after rear ending a pick-up. Meanwhile, just down the road, an Allied Taxi Cab was left in a charred heap after its engine caught fire.

And just one day later, who can forget the box truck that burst into flames following an explosion in its cab.

"A little car fire could spark a major catastrophe" said Thomas Goode, Lynchburg's Deputy Fire Marshal.

Think about it, all that flammable fluid, a gas tank, all within inches of a burning car engine.

"With all the chemical makeup inside of a car, everything produces poisonous gases now" said Goode.

So, if you're the victim of a car fire, the first thing you've got to do?

"Remember, you've got to stop the car first" said Goode.

It may sound like a no-brainer, but some people, believe it or not, keep driving.

"Turn it off, put it in park, if it'll go, put it in park, set the brake, get out of the car and just look around, make sure you look where the oncoming traffic is so you don't get into the street, get hit by a car" he said.

Then Goode said, create what's called a safe area, get far enough away from traffic and your car before calling 911.

And as for trying to put out the fire yourself, "Just call 911 and just wait for the professionals to get there" he said.

Because let's face it, your car is not worth your life.