Fire Officials Say Lynchburg Brush Fire Could Have Been Worse

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg fire officials say a brush fire in the city Tuesday night, could have been much worse.

It was a cigarette officials say, that sparked the smoldering, here behind the Walden Pond apartment complex.

Officials say the extra dry conditions are prime for these types of fires.

Fortunately though, officials say, fire fighters responded quickly, and got this blaze under control before it moved too close to the apartments.

And not a drop of water was used to put it out; an important tactic that officials say in fighting these types of fires.

"When the fire burns up to where there's no other fuel, actually we have a better situation than a fire where some of the fuels been burned by fire and some of it's been cooled by water" said Battalion Chief, Keith Johnson.

The brush fire burned about a half of an acre. And officials say was never a threat to the apartment complex.