Fire Engine Flips in Bedford County

Bedford Co., VA - Second due on the way to a house fire in Huddleston, but six Forest volunteer firefighters never made it out of their own call area.

According to state police crash investigators, the fire engine the firefighters were in didn't just flip, it ran off New London Road, across the road.

The fire truck ended up doing a complete rotation before landing right side up on its tires in the steakhouse parking lot.

"He was a very experienced driver. He's been with the department 25 years. He's a big safety advocate within the county. It's just one of those things that's unfortunate," said Forest Volunteer Fire Department Chief Nick Thomas.

The chief was not on the truck when the crash happened around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday. He met the six firefighters back at the firehouse later in the day.

"Other than their pride they seem to be OK. They have some cuts and scrapes and stitches but all of them are going to be OK," Chief Thomas said.

The 7-year-old pumper truck wasn't as lucky.

"It was a lot of damage. My guess would be that it would probably be totaled," Chief Thomas added.

Officials say it could cost more than $400,000 to replace the fire truck. The insurance claim is already filed.

The gear was pulled off the truck and in the back of a trailer. Crews say they'll sort through it to see if it all still works.

Another engine was moved from the fire company's 460 substation to cover other calls.

Five of the six firefighters have been cleared to return to duty whenever they want.

ABC 13 saw the sixth firefighter Wednesday. He in on crutches and has a gash to his forehead.

ABC 13 asked the County Department of Fire and Rescue if there will be any sort of safety training because of this crash. They say they always do after action reviews for incidents like Wednesday's.