Fire at Blue Ridge Fiber Board Facility Damages Truck Loads Worth of Inventory

Danville, VA - Our ABC 13 crews were on the scene of a fire at Celotex Blue Ridge Fiberboard in Danville on Friday morning. The plant manager, Mark Custer, said some of their product likely got overheated, and that's what may have ignited a ravaging fire around 8:30 a.m.All of this product was in a storage yard right next to Celotex's facility. Custer said it was truck loads worth of their inventory - which included roofing, soundproofing, and exterior sheathing products. Right when the fire started, their internal operations and maintenance staff responded and tried to fight the fire, but it got beyond their control. That's when they called the fire department.Twenty firefighters were on the scene for just over four hours. They were able to prevent the fire from spreading to the building, and had the fire contained within an hour and a half.The plant manager said there were no injures. They are still waiting to hear what the exact cause is from the Danville Fire Marshal.