Financial Experts Say Stock Market is Still Solid During Shutdown

Lynchburg, VA - You'd be right if you attributed the drops in the stock market to the government shutdown. You'd be wrong however if you said it's become a big problem.

Financial experts are saying, the drops in the Dow Jones are moderate, and they're really nothing to worry about.

Here's a prime example, the Dow started off 2013 at less than 13,500 points. Now, it's at more than 15,000 points.

Overall experts say the market has been on an upward trend this year. All this talk of shutdown may have impacted it slightly, but then again, dips are just a natural occurrence for the stock market.

"The entire idea of having allocation, diversification, balance in a portfolio, helps weather situations such as this" said Christian DePaul, a financial analyst.

Experts anticipate the market will face a bigger shake up when congress goes to vote on raising the debt ceiling, later this month.