Final Push for Tuesday's Election

Lynchburg, VA - After months of campaigning, the polls will be open to voters in a matter of hours. Volunteers and employees with both parties are working very hard to sway any and all voters.

Lynchburg City crews are busy setting up for the big election, too.

Lynchburg Public Works has been busy setting up 19 precincts in the area.

The race is on to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Lynchburg Public Works Employee John Johnson is one of many people working nonstop to make sure every voting booth and ballot box is set up and working properly.

Tuesday is another busy day for them.

"As soon as they're open, we're off an running. Fixing things, answering calls," said Johnson.

Beginning at 2:00 a.m., Johnson and other city employees will be back to set up the electronic machines. They will also put out flags, markers and 'vote here' signs.

"Go out and do your civic duty and come vote," said Howard Roberts, Janitor, Moose Lodge 715 on Lakeside Drive.

Volunteers have also been out canvassing.

"Busy days but a lot of fun. Good people," said Bethany Poulos, Lynchburg Republican Headquarters. "We have about twelve dozen volunteers that will be coming in."

"We've actually had nearly 300 two hour shifts filled all by volunteers all during this final weekend," said David Cary, Democrat, Campaign Manager for Friends of Katie Webb Cyphert.

Both Democrats and Republicans say they have folks on-hand to help make everyone's experience pleasant.

"If there's any problem at the polls, if there is anyone who has last minute questions, there will be somebody on the phone here ready to answer that," said Cary.

Liberty University has a shuttle running every 15 minutes.

"Busing students from Liberty to their voting precincts and just making sure we get all those last minute votes in," said Poulos.

GLTC bus service is free on election day Tuesday.

Both parties say they will be working until about 11:30 p.m. Monday, canvassing, making calls, and entering data. They will be back at work starting at 5:00 a.m. Tuesday.

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