Father of Teen Killed in Car Accident Warns Other Teens

Hannah Long

Lynchburg, VA - 15-year-old Hannah Long is the second Liberty High School student to die in a car accident in a little more than a week.

Family members are still in shock. They say Long, an outgoing 15-year-old, loved her high school so much, they would drive her an hour from Vinton to take her there.

They are now hoping her death will be a wake up call for other teens.

"I just saw her, she was getting ready to go and I said, 'I love you,'" said Ron Long, Hannah's father.

That would be the last time Ron Long would say those three words to his daughter.

"It's something that you wish you could take back. You wish you could have one more day," he said.

If given the chance, Long would go back to Saturday when he waved his daughter goodbye. He says he would have pleaded with her to be safe.

"I wish I would have said, 'Be careful. Wear your seat belt. Do what you're supposed to do,'" said Long.

Hannah, a social butterfly, was supposed to be staying over at a friend's house Saturday night.

Long believes she snuck out and ended up a fatal wreck Sunday morning.

"What I hate is I won't be there on her wedding day. I won't see those things, I'm gonna truly miss them. I'll miss that," said Long.

State police say Long was one of six people going down Route 643 around 3 a.m. Sunday when the driver swerved off the road and into a tree.

Investigators say none of the people in the car were wearing a seat belts.

"I think young people really need to wake up and realize a car is not a play toy. People can die. And realize how fragile life really is," said Long.

Long says the driver in that car is in critical condition. State police officials say that charges are pending their investigation.