Festival at Randolph College Instills Love for Science

Reporter: Sally Delta

Lynchburg, VA - More than 300 kids and their parents came to Lynchburg to learn about science Saturday.It's part of the Science Festival going on all weekend at Randolph College. Some people drove hours just for this event from across the commonwealth.

Saturday's part is called Science Day, and one family drove two hours in the rain just to participate. And, more than 350 elementary students filled the RAD center for some good ol' science experiments.

"We came up last year and tried and we really liked it," said Roger Feldman.

"I think it's pretty cool," said Gavin Feldman.

Roger brought his son Gavin last year.

"We made rockets," said Gavin.

But this is the first time 7-year-old Kyra Feldman is trying it out, and this year they're making boats.

"Yeah, I'm really good at building boats, I built a paper boat with a straw with paper for a sale and I covered it in crayon so it could float," said Kyra.

So little Kyra might have a heads-up on the boat building section, but for the kids that haven't done it, they're stretching their brains. And with the materials - cardboard, aluminum foil and tape - the kids are challenged to figure out how to make it float.

"It's to get them interested in science and show that it's fun that it's not just reading from a text book," said Peter Sheldon, festival director.

In addition to boat-building, they had nine other activities in many other areas of science including biology, environmental science, and sound.

"The most exciting part is just seeing the kids excited; it's amazing, I mean not kidding when I say it brings tears to my eyes every time, it does, even just talking about it," said Sheldon.

The fun continues Sunday from 1-3 P.M. in the Martin Science building at Randolph College, where they'll have pools of non-Newtonian fluid - it's pretty cool stuff.