Federal Government Issues More Subpoenas After Ash Spill

Danville, VA - More subpoenas are being handed out to North Carolina's environmental agency in the aftermath of the major coal ash spill in Eden.

Federal prosecutors have served 20 additional subpoenas ordering state employees to testify before a grand jury. They are also asking for documents related to the agency's regulation of the coal ash dumps, all part of the criminal investigation related to a coal ash spill into the Dan River.

Federal officials have stated that the ash is coating the bottom of the river as far as 70 miles downstream from the spill site. Environmental groups are continuing to check for any consequences.
Wednesday, representatives from the EPA were in Danville on the river testing water samples. They have been doing this since the spill a few weeks ago. Wednesday, they were checking the water at different levels.
"We are doing sentiment and surface water sampling along various locations on the river. All of these locations have previously been sampled but we are going back and getting more data," said Tim Simpson, Environmental Scientist with EPA.
They were not the only ones looking along the river. The Dan River Basin Association had representatives looking along the banks, trying to see the impact this spill has had on wildlife. So far, they say they have not seen any dead or distressed animals.
"Trying to figure out what the impact will be on wildlife as well as public health in this area. We can't say for certain when those impacts will be visible but we do know they will occur," said Amy Farinelli, Outreach Coordinator for Dan River Basin Association.
The Dan River Basin Association suspects mussels are likely impacted because of the spill.