Feature Film Begins Shooting in Downtown Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - A feature film is shooting all over Lynchburg. You may have noticed parts of downtown blocked off, as well as a few charter buses parked on Main Street.

Liberty University in connection with Echolight Studios is filming, "Letting Go." The $400,000 film is scheduled to take six weeks to finish shooting. Directors want to give the community a heads up, so they are not alarmed.

"Last night if you were driving through town, you would have run into our shoot. We were shooting a scene that was a car accident that was happening at the intersection of Jefferson and 9th," said Stephan Schultze, executive director of LU Cinematic Arts Zaki Gordon Center.

Directors say the movie is a dramatic version of Groundhog Day, where a person repeats their life over and over and at the end of each day, they lose the person they love.

This is the first of five movies LU is contracted to make with Echolight studios.