FDA Says Trans Fats May Be Taken Out of Processed Foods

Lynchburg, Va- {}The FDA wants to eliminate trans fats from foods you find on the grocery store shelves. {}

Trans-fats are mainly used in processed foods because they lengthen the shelf life of products. This change has already been implemented in the Cavalier Restaurant on Rivermont Avenue in Lynchburg.

The first change to their menu in almost 30-years was when they decided to have fries with no trans fat.

"As soon as we changed over we did it without telling anyone. We changed the oil, put a brand new one in and cooked it. We went about two days and nobody noticed the difference- and then we started telling people and it actually made them happy," said Jeff Pickerd, who works at the Cavalier.

The Cavalier decided to change the oil in their fries to make them a healthier option.

They said they also wanted to stay ahead of the FDA. Trans fats are liquids that have been chemically processed to act like solid fats.

"Overall the foods you tend to see trans fats in are baked goods, and cookies and crackers and things of that nature," said Tonya Price who is a registered Dietician.

They increase the shelf life of processed foods, but they have some serious side-effects.

"So the more trans fats I eat the higher my LDL, the higher my cholesterol level can be. Overall that impacts the rate of heart disease and the potential for heart disease in people," said Price.

The best solution is to stay away from processed foods.

"Eating a diet that is truly as whole as possible- meaning as limitedly processed as you can possible take, that would be the best thing to do. Fruits, vegetables in their natural state really are the best foods to eat. You know chicken that has not been overly processed or breaded just a good old fashioned baked chicken breast is good for you. But just over-all trying to eat a healthy diet that is not overly processed is really the take home message," said Price.

Right now the shelf life of most foods with trans fats is about a year, but if those are taken out, Price says that would be cut to around three to six months.

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