FCC Curbs Commercial Loudness

Lynchburg, VA - When you're watching T.V., sometimes those commercials seem louder than the show you're watching. The FCC is putting a stop to that.

Starting Thursday, the CALM Act, Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act, went into effect. It requires that commercials have the same average volume as the program they run between.

This is the first time Congress gave the FCC the power to address commercial loudness.

Here at ABC 13, we have been controlling the loudness of our commercials for more than a year now.

"When we went into the digital world, all of a sudden the equipment started coming out to be able to do that. And we put that in place immediately as soon as it was available," said K.C. Spiron, operations & engineering manager at ABC 13.

If you feel commercials are too loud, click here to contact the FCC.