Father Hopes New Clues Can Help Officials Find Missing Daughter

Kenneth Beadles

Halifax Co., VA - The father of a missing woman is making a plea to anyone who knows anything about what happened to his daughter eight months ago.

Wendy Beadles Francis disappeared in June. Her 36th birthday was in November.

Wendy's father, Kenneth Beadles, had all but given up hope of finding his daughter until police searched a home Tuesday in connection to her disappearance. He says does he not expect her to be found alive, but he just wants to find her.

"She came down to my house and got a few clothes. She left and I ain't seen her since," said Beadles remembering the last time his daughter walked in through his front door.

Now Kenneth Beadles waits with Wendy's mother in a gas station parking lot in Halifax County. He says they're there to meet an investigator to have their cheeks swabbed for DNA.

That testing comes just one day after authorities searched a home on Phelps Creek Road in Brookneal. They brought in a dive team to look in a nearby pond and dogs to sniff around the 20 wooded acres next door.

The missing woman's aunt, Cheryl Beadles, came out to watch while they searched.

"At least now maybe something could be found. A little more evidence. A little bit more information to where maybe she is," said Cheryl.

Campbell County investigators say they did in fact collect evidence in this case. Right now, they're waiting to hear from the crime lab. They won't say what was found, and the search warrant that says what they came here looking for is sealed.

"I hope they done come up with something, found something," said Kenneth Beadles.

Because finding hope that Wendy might still be alive is becoming nearly impossible for her family.

"It will hurt like everything when they do find her. But at least that way you will know," said Cheryl Beadles.

"I know she ain't living," said Kenneth Beadles.

Officials released the name of the person who lives in the home that was searched, but investigators have not named that person as a suspect in Wendy Beadles' disappearance.

Kenneth Beadles says she is an only child and does not have any children.