Farmers Need Weekend Rain

Hixburg, VA - July's record heat killed off quite a few crops in our area this year, but some farmers in Appomattox County say the added moisture Tuesday is doing some good on their land.

Bob Martin's tobacco field took a hit this year just like so many crops.

His daughter Kasey may be too young to tell the difference, but their tobacco leaves should be a lot bigger. Still, Martin says he'll take all the rain he can get.

"It's hard to get too much," said Martin.

The recent rainfall gave a boost to his cow pasture.

"Most of the summer it was brown and there wasn't any grass there," said Martin.

Now the fields are green again. That means the animals have room to graze and Martin can bail another round of hay.

Showers are also helping with his late soybean crop.

"This coming week we could use some more and the week after that and some more still."

That's good news for Martin.

WSET's Chief Meteorologist Sean Sublette says more rain is on the way.

"Most places have only done about a quarter to a half an inch of rain this weekend. We expect about that much more in the next couple of days."

"Rain is a farmer's best friend, if it ain't raining, ain't nothing growing" said Robert Thomas, a farmer.

But if it is raining, there's no working at least in the tobacco field.

"It was too wet and brittle so you couldn't cut it 'till the sun comes out," said Martin.

So on this Labor day, even some farmers got the day off.

"That's the good thing about it raining - is it got us out of work today," said Thomas.

Martin says the drought caused him to lose about half of his soybean crop this year, but as for the tobacco, give it about three or four days to dry out and it'll be ready to cut.