Farmers Market Fridays in Bedford

Bedford, VA - Farmers who sell at the Bedford Farmers Market say business has been picking up since the market scaled back to only one day a week.

"It's been one of the best years we've had," said Jim Revell, a farmer.

Jim Revell sells produce at the market every Friday.

"A number of years ago we had as many as 16 vendors. A number of years we only had three or four vendors during the season," said Revell. "This year we're back up to seven or eight on a regular basis."

Some farmers admit they were concerned that scaling back to one day a week would hurt business.

"If people get used to coming on Tuesday and you're not there on a Tuesday, then they may not come back on a Friday because they think maybe you're just totally closed," said Diane Hancock, who sells on the market.

Business was steady at Diane Hancock's stall Friday. She says the season started off slow, but as word continues to spread about the schedule change, more people are showing up to buy.

There are several farmers who sell in Bedford on Friday and in Forest on Saturday. If the Bedford market was open Saturday, some aren't willing to give up the profits they make in Forest to sell in Bedford. Others say they'd sell in Bedford instead, because there is a nice shelter and they don't have to set up their own tent.