Music Fans Say Lockn' Music Festival Was a Huge Success

Nelson Co., VA - People have been talking about the traffic mess on the first day of the Lockn' Music Festival, but those who went to the event say they've pretty much forgotten about it.

Sunday was the last day of the first ever Lockn' Music Festival in Nelson County, and several music fans were happy with what the four-day event brought. People were dancing, laughing and having a great time at the 4,800 acre Oak Ridge Farm.

"The festival's been wonderful. It's a huge event, many people, great music, brand new sound system, brand new lighting rims. It's just been wonderful," said Robbi Cohn.

"For the first year, I think it's phenomenal that they were actually able to pull it off. To bring everything together--the site, the facility, bring people in," said Jack Bossier with Lakehouse Film Catering out of New Orleans. They catered the VIP and Super VIP tents at festival.

Festival organizer Dave Frey admits they did have trouble getting everybody in, but once the bands started playing, it was all worth it.

"We had an epic show here. I mean, anybody that saw John Fogerty with Widespread Panic last night...all I can say is the floor was bouncing...and well, there is no floor," said Frey laughing.

The shows featured bands like Further and The Black Crowes. Music lovers from all over the country say those performances made Lockn' a huge success.

"If you're a music fan, this is probably the event of the century. There were multiple headliners here that each draw a huge crowd on their own, and they were all playing at the same time," said attendee Joe Limaer.

"I can't tell you how many hugs I've received this weekend. It's been marvelous," said Cohn.

"Lot of hugs, lot of smiles, lot of happy people, lot of good music," said attendee Nancy Klavis.

Organizers say they learned a lot from the event--things that worked and things that need to be changed. And they say they'd love to bring back Lockn' next year.