Family Seeks Prayer For Elisha Kahlich's Recovery

Lynchburg, Va. - We have an update for you on 12-year-old Elisha Kahlich. Kahlich was hit by a car on Sunday night, while riding his bike. Friends say Elisha is doing well, but still has a lot of healing to do. Thursday he had surgery on a broken leg. Friday, doctors will slowly take him out of his medically induced coma.

The headmaster of Elisha's school says the family is relying on a prayer Elisha wrote himself, to get them through these difficult times. "O God who heals the poor and the sick, Grant to those who suffer that they may have peace and strength, that we may have faithful hearts, through the Lord, our God." Words Elisha wrote last year, that seem all too relevant now.

"It was a beautiful prayer that he wrote. And I've prayed it every day this week. I never though it would be such an appropriate prayer for pain and suffering,"said Elisha's Headmaster and Neighbor John Heaton. And it's a prayer that's helping Elisha's mother get through this crisis.

"She has an overwhelming amount of peace. And everything she just keeps saying is God is good, and um, he is with us," said Brentwood Church Tammy Dupin. John Heaton is the headmaster at Elisha's school, and is his next-door neighbor.

His sons were with Elisha Sunday night. "They were coming home, down the hill and hard left on the sidewalk and Elisha just didn't make the curve. John Mark was in front, Thaddius was behind, and Elisha just didn't make it," said Heaton. Heaton says Elisha's accident has affected their entire neighborhood.

But for him, it hits closer to home. "He's not my son, but he's my neighbor, my student at school, he's my kid's best friend. He's like my boy. And it was difficult. Very difficult," said Heaton. And Elisha's road of recovery will be difficult as well.

But with a community coming together behind him and his family, friends say faith is enough to carry them forward. "Just rallying and in prayer behind them. And I think that is truly what has allowed her to be held up," said Dupin. The next 24 hours for Elisha will be crucial as he comes out of his coma.

Friday morning, a prayer vigil will be held in his honor. Organizers are asking anyone and everyone to take part. From 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. they are asking people to take a moment, wherever they are, and say a prayer for Elisha's recovery.